Chiilchin Pudding

Holiday Bundle

Corn Husk Blue Corn Cookies

Original Organic Blue Corn Cookies

Water is Life - Yellow + Blue Corn Lemon Cookies

Afternoon Tea Box: White, Yellow, Blue Corn Cookie wrapped in Cornhusk. Includes 1 serving wild tea and 1 stir stick

Mini Blue Corn Cookies wrapped in Cornhusk

Sweet Corn Bundle

Mini Gourd Magnets w/ Cornhusk Flower

Eagles Nest

Mesquite Chocolate Chip Cookie

Traditional Dine' Stirring Sticks [Greasewood]


Yellow Lemon Corn Cookie

Traditional Clay Mugs made with Pinon Sap

Elevate Bundle - Mini corn cookies with wild greenthread tea

Dine' Tea Pack - Greenthread Plant

Ahehee Bundle

3-Layer Harvest God Soap curated by Rocio, owner of Morning Mist Soap

Respectfully Collected Mountain Tobacco

Masani' Bundle

Juniper Ash Bundle

Corn husk Centerpiece

Blue Corn Mush with Juniper Ash

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