4lb ROASTED Blue Corn Meal



New Supplier Alert: Indigenous owned and harvested.

ROASTED Blue Corn Meal - 4 pounds [12 cups]

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Beautiful packaging for a special product. Thank you again Rochelle, I will be back to purchase more!

I was eager to make Navajo Blue Corn Mush and this did the trick! Very nicely packaged and arrived quickly!

Just gorgeous! All arrived in perfect order. I can't wait to make something delicious with this!

I have already made cookies and blue corn cakes. the cornmeal has a delicious nutty roasted flavor.

Above and beyond such wonderful attention to detail! This roasted blue corn flour arrived securely wrapped and beautifully packaged in glass labled jars. Rochelle is such a great communicator. I feel even more grateful the flour is grown and harvested by an indigenous group. To support this, brings me closer to my ancestors. Will be baking and cooking with this to nourish family and friends.